Self-Discovery and Love

There's a reason why the hero and heroine in my debut, In the Cards, each undergo a significant journey of self-discovery before they fall in love.  Why?  Because I don't believe you can truly love others until you know and love yourself. But people change, you argue.  True.  Sometimes those...

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Favorite TV Couples

Given my “day” job, it’s no surprise I spend a lot of time thinking about heroes, heroines, and the chemistry that makes a couple work for a reader. To some degree, that’s a subjective call. If you like a tough, snarky heroine, you might not be too excited about the hero falling for a more shy,...

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Music, Romance, and Books

I’m currently immersing myself in developing the hero and heroine of a new story I’m about to start writing. They are first introduced as supporting characters in a manuscript I’m just finishing, so some of their core traits are already established. Still, it’s fun to begin to build a world around...

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Sex and Emotional Intimacy

As someone with a passion for psychology, one of my favorite aspects of writing fiction is doing the research for new characters. For example, in my upcoming debut, my hero’s mother abandoned him when he was nine. Having no personal experience with that situation, I read many articles about the...

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Romantic Summer Reading

Many people believe summer is the most romantic season of the year. I’m not sure I agree with them, because my summers typically consist of a house full of kids and lots of travel with extended family…not intimate trips to France for wine-and-cheese picnics with my husband. But there are some very...

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Defending the Romance Genre

During the past two weeks, two interesting articles have been written about the romance genre being reviled. A wonderful author, Barbara O’Neal, first raised the question in her article, The Perplexing Problem of Romance. This week another writer, Porter Anderson, sought to get answers to Ms....

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Cover Reveal!

I'm so excited to share the cover of my debut novel, In The Cards, with you!  I want to thank everyone who has been so encouraging, supportive, and helpful throughout this interesting, challenging, and sometimes frustrating journey into the world of publishing. Here's the story blurb: Lindsey...

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Advice for the Lovelorn

A good friend and I were recently discussing her college-aged daughter’s first experience with an on-and-off again relationship where the guy was also pressuring her about sex. Our conversation made me think about the advice I will give my own daughter once she is older and becomes more embroiled...

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About Jamie

Jamie's an avid reader and author of romantic women's fiction. She enjoys sharing stories and music about finding love, having love, and losing love. You can learn more about Jamie and her books on her about page.

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