5 Things To Do With Your Friends

Being a woman can be hard. A lot is expected of us. Not only do we hold jobs, raise kids, and keep a household running, but we're expected to do it all with a smile (and to look fit and pretty, too!). It can be daunting at times, which is why it's so important to keep connected to our friends....

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Age and Beauty

I'll be fifty later this year. When I say that aloud, it still shocks me. I don't feel a day over thirty-five---until I look in the mirror. Sometimes my heart aches a little when I take stock of my thinning hair, my saggy middle (no, not the one plaguing the first draft of my current manuscript),...

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Natural Inspiration

I’ve just returned from a week in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah. We packed a house full with three generations of family, loads of skis and snowboards, and more than a few bottles of wine. No setting makes me happier—heart and soul—than being amid majestic, snowcapped mountains. To me, the stark...

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Mental Strength

Lots of people make fitness resolutions in January, but 99% of the time they're talking strictly about physical fitness.  Perhaps most of us fail to think about mental fitness because we believe we're doing okay, or, if we're not, we assume we can't help the way we think.  Either way, when we...

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Diet Drink of the Summer… Wine O’Clock Spritzer!

Katherine here, ready to share my latest recommendation. Those who know me well know I enjoy a glass or two of vino in the evening.  What Southern gal doesn't?  Unfortunately, I’ve struggled the past year or two with additional pounds that creep onto my mid-section.  I doubt the nightly wine...

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Protect Your Health and Immune System

How is this romantic?  It isn't, unless you consider that fewer household illnesses means a less exhausted set of parents...which increases the odds of being in the mood know.... So let me share this important information.  Through my work with CARES, I was fortunate enough to hear the...

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