I’m so excited to share the cover of my debut novel, In The Cards, with you!  I want to thank everyone who has been so encouraging, supportive, and helpful throughout this interesting, challenging, and sometimes frustrating journey into the world of publishing.

Here’s the story blurb:BeckJamie-InTheCards-CV-Final

Lindsey Hilliard flees her charmed life in New York searching for answers after her fiancé’s betrayal fills her with self-doubt. Unfortunately, her rented Malibu home is next door to Levi Hardy, the sexy but insufferable man who humiliated her years ago.

Hardened by a grim past he keeps concealed, Levi prefers maintaining a comfortable distance from folks, especially a nosy princess like Lindsey. But then a motorcycle collision brings him to his knees, forcing him to accept her assistance with his recovery. Sparks begin to fly when the woman who doesn’t believe in herself teaches the cynic how to have faith in others. Levi realizes his spine will recover, but his heart won’t if Lindsey returns to the ex who wants her back.

In the biggest gamble of his life, Levi teaches her to trust her own voice, and he hopes she’ll use it to say good-bye to her past and hello to a future with him.

Can’t wait for the book launch in December!


Cover:  By the Montlake Romance art department