Ladies’ Night Out
A Virtual Reader Community

I'm so excited to be part of a new Facebook group with ten fabulous authors, all of whom write emotional stories of love, family, and friendship. Fiction From The Heart is a vibrant and supportive community for readers who want to discuss books, life, and love. Members can look forward to getting...

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5 Things To Do With Your Friends

Being a woman can be hard. A lot is expected of us. Not only do we hold jobs, raise kids, and keep a household running, but we're expected to do it all with a smile (and to look fit and pretty, too!). It can be daunting at times, which is why it's so important to keep connected to our friends....

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The Joy of Celebrating Romance Readers

I confess, I'm in a great mood despite the fact that snow is falling outside. Yes, snow in April. Needless to say, spring weather in New England is unpredictable. But I digress. My point is that I can deal with the snow because I'm still riding the high from the weekend thanks to dozens of...

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Weddings–Near and Far

As some of you know, I just returned from a week-long vacation with six of my friends. We escaped the fall weather by traveling to the lush tropical paradise of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Of course, we could have been holed up in a tornado bunker in Kansas and still had a great time together,...

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Girlfriend Getaways…and Sangria!

Short getaways with my gal pals always do wonders for my energy level. Getting out of Dodge for quick trips is a favorite way to rest and recharge so I can return home ready to tackle real life again. For me, any destination will do the trick, but I especially love my family home in The Land of...

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Talk To Me

As you might imagine, I work at home.  I sit in front of my computer, often in my robe, and type…all day long.  Once in while, a few days will pass when I’ve not spoken to anyone outside my immediate family.  Sure, I email and text friends and fellow committee members and so on.  I say hi to the...

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Superbowl Sunday Party Drink

Hi, y'all...Katherine here.  I know it's been some time since my last blog post.  Kids, work, the holidays and all the other “stuff” that comes with raising a family has set me back.   Since my last visit, I've also been enjoying football season.  With the Super Bowl just around the corner, comes...

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Valentine’s Celebration “Love Potions”

Q:     What’s a Texas girl do when college football season ends and winter storm, Nemo, dumps 20 inches of snow in town? A:     Throw a party, of course! Yes, you heard me right.  My friends braved the conditions to come over and taste-test three different cocktails one might serve on Valentine’s...

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