Book Release–Worth the Wait

St. Patty's Day is the release date for my sophomore novel, Worth the Wait. I adore everything about this story:  the setting (Block Island), the heroine (Vivi, who maintains a sunny outlook despite a heartbreaking childhood), the hero (David, an introvert who's brooding over a damaging secret...

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Identifying Love

How does one identify love? You can’t “see” it. The words can be spoken, but if they aren’t followed through with actions, those words turn as brittle and hollow as a cheap chocolate Easter bunny. Lust and infatuation often masquerade as love, but when the initial burn fades, then what? I suppose...

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A Valentine’s Day Swap…

Get your mind out of the gutter. I'm not suggesting anything untoward! This is really more of a poll than a post. Let me start off by noting that, in my youth, I put energy into creating romance on Valentine's Day.  Sometimes of the serious type, sometimes the silly. I bought the cards (usually...

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Winter Romance

When the temperatures drop into the single digits, people can get a little cranky.  Wind chills keep us indoors more often than is healthy, and heavy comfort foods tempt us to forget about those New Year's resolutions about diet and exercise.  Shoveling sidewalks and driveways can wear us down,...

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My Book Birthday!

After a few years of writing, and many months of editing and promoting, my debut book "birth" date is finally here.  A book birthday is an apt term because, in many ways, writing and publishing a book parallels getting pregnant and having a child. First you work hard to conceive (in this case, a...

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Adding Romance to the Season

At this time of year, in the face of twinkling lights and trees and ribbons, we all revert to little kids. Our hearts speed up whenever we hit upon that great gift idea, or plan a surprise for a loved one. Our spirit may soar at the sound of a favorite holiday song, whether it be a classic or...

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The Journey to Publication

In April, 2011, I took my very first step toward a writing career when I sat down to write a romantic women's fiction novel entitled "Unexpected Song."  That story will likely remain under my bed forever, but the exercise ignited a spark that led to four additional completed manuscripts, and...

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Rainy Day Romantic Dreams

My mother came to visit my family this past weekend to participate in the Halloween festivities and see a few soccer games. When Saturday turned into a soggy, frigid day, we hunkered down in the family room and got sucked into the HGTV show “Vacation House for Free.”   I’m not kidding when I say I...

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