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by | Sep 4, 2014 | Music

I’m currently immersing myself in developing the hero and heroine of a new story I’m about to start writing. They are first introduced as supporting characters in a manuscript I’m just finishing, so some of their core traits are already established. Still, it’s fun to begin to build a world around each of them. Who was their best friend in high school? What is their favorite food or color? What was their biggest childhood embarrassment? The better I know and write them, the more multidimensional they’ll come across to the reader.

I draw from a lot of sources to create realistic characters, including personal experience, movies, photographs, and music. Always music. Since this story is set in the Rocky Mountains (probably my favorite spot in our country), I’ve got a lot of great material to play with during the research phase.

My new heroine, Kelsey Callihan, is a hopeless romantic who has a hard time accepting defeat when it comes to matters of the heart. I’m thinking this lovely tune by The Civil Wars is a perfect fit for her. And since I love to share music with others, I’m linking this Youtube video (credited to Lilian de V.) so you can listen, too.

If you’ve never heard of The Civil Wars but appreciate great harmony, you should check out their music.  You might recognize Kingdom Come from the movie The Hunger Games. I also love the song Poison & Wine.

Care to share any music with me? I’m open to every genre except heavy metal and really hard/punk rock.



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