Sunday Love Songs
Who Else Loves a Sad Song?

My brother and I were laughing about this recently, because he and I share an unusual affinity for all things melancholy. We love sad stories, sad movies, and sad love songs. To us, there is a cathartic quality to each of them. It's oddly freeing to allow that heaviness in and then let the tears...

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5 of My Favorite Things

Move over, Oprah!  I've got my own list of favorite things to share with folks this holiday season.  And my things don't cost a lot, either... 1.  Hot chocolate with whipped cream.  Not the fake watery stuff, but the real deal.  Cocoa made with *gasp* whole milk and topped with homemade whipped...

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Music, Romance, and Books

I’m currently immersing myself in developing the hero and heroine of a new story I’m about to start writing. They are first introduced as supporting characters in a manuscript I’m just finishing, so some of their core traits are already established. Still, it’s fun to begin to build a world around...

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Goodbye To 2013

As with most years, 2013 brought highs and lows to my life.  Unfortunately, the lows have had more lasting consequences than the highs, so I’m not sorry to see this year pass.  Hopefully, 2014 will offer opportunity for positive changes. But let’s not be maudlin.  Looking back, I want to...

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Sunday Song for Soul Mates

I’m in the midst of writing a new book, so naturally I’m spending a lot of time thinking about how couples progress from new love to happily-ever-after.  Lately I’ve been wondering whether an HEA requires a wedding.  In other words, is marriage necessary for a couple, or is a great love binding on...

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Being Brave

I attended the Romance Writers of America’s National Conference in Atlanta two weeks ago.  During the course of the four-day-long event, I spoke with many writers from all around the country.  Some, like me, were new to the industry, while others were already bestselling authors.  Despite the many...

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And So It Goes – Sunday Song

Turns out I’ve got to change the format of my Sunday Song posts.  I’d mistakenly believed that, by offering a critique/review of the lyrics, I could legally post them without violating copyright laws (under the Fair Use exemption).  Apparently I was wrong.  Although I’ve not been fined for what...

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Father’s Day Sunday Songs: Recital Time

Today is a two-fer... Unlike other weeks, these songs aren't selected because of their lyrics, or a tie-in to a book, or any  reason other than they are the songs my daughter performed in her Spring voice recital Saturday night. I just love watching the 30 or so voice students take the stage and...

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