When I Was Brave–A Thanksgiving Past

Thanksgiving has long been my favorite holiday because there is nothing better than sitting down to a fabulous meal with my favorite people. This year, our family enjoyed a quiet holiday with only my mother and brother at our table (typically we are all in Pennsylvania with the extended family)....

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What excites me… trying to come up with new twists on favorite romance tropes so the reader isn't getting a story he or she feels like they've already read a dozen times before. Today is the launch of my new series, the Sanctuary Sound novels. This series revolves around three women who reconnect in their...

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Romance 2.0

I’m feeling whimsical today. Maybe it’s because of the perfectly sunny fall day. Or maybe it’s thanks to that last Tate’s chocolate chip and walnut cookie I just ate. Or maybe the upcoming release of Accidentally Hers has me focusing on romance. I don’t know, and it doesn’t matter. The point is...

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Investing in Relationships

The old adage "you get what you give" can be applied to many things, but most especially to relationships. It's usually pretty easy to identify when you feel like someone has let you down or isn't giving you enough attention and support. But how often do you step back and ask how you might be...

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Identifying Love

How does one identify love? You can’t “see” it. The words can be spoken, but if they aren’t followed through with actions, those words turn as brittle and hollow as a cheap chocolate Easter bunny. Lust and infatuation often masquerade as love, but when the initial burn fades, then what? I suppose...

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Winter Romance

When the temperatures drop into the single digits, people can get a little cranky.  Wind chills keep us indoors more often than is healthy, and heavy comfort foods tempt us to forget about those New Year's resolutions about diet and exercise.  Shoveling sidewalks and driveways can wear us down,...

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Self-Discovery and Love

There's a reason why the hero and heroine in my debut, In the Cards, each undergo a significant journey of self-discovery before they fall in love.  Why?  Because I don't believe you can truly love others until you know and love yourself. But people change, you argue.  True.  Sometimes those...

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Sex and Emotional Intimacy

As someone with a passion for psychology, one of my favorite aspects of writing fiction is doing the research for new characters. For example, in my upcoming debut, my hero’s mother abandoned him when he was nine. Having no personal experience with that situation, I read many articles about the...

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