Winter Romance

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When the temperatures drop into the single digits, people can get a little cranky.  Wind chills keep us indoors more often than is healthy, and heavy comfort foods tempt us to forget about those New Year’s resolutions about diet and exercise.  Shoveling sidewalks and driveways can wear us down, too.  None of these conditions typically inspire romance, do they?

But we can turn it around, because a lot of romance can be found in a snowstorm!

Get bundled up and go for a walk (or snowshoe hike).  Few things are more beautiful than the sunlight glinting off fresh snow, or the quiet crunch of snow beneath your feet.  And it’s a good way to get your blood pumping, which will lift your spirits.  Then, when you return home, start a fire or fill up the tub and light some candles.  Either way, you’ve set up a very romantic tableau for your and your special someone.

Wintery foods can also be romantic.  How about cheese and chocolate fondue?  Decadent, yummy, and easy to feed each other (all that lip-licking is sure to give you some ideas, too).

Add warm beverages to enhance the mood you’ve incited.  I’ve got a preference for cocoa with whipped cream and chocolate shavings, but mulled cider is also a fine choice.

Top off the evening with a classic romance movie or some good music, and I think you will chase away the mid-winter blahs pretty easily.

What’s one of your favorite ways to create a romantic winter date?


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