Women’s Fiction Day Giveaway!

June 8th is Women's Fiction Day, which is something to celebrate! I love stories about women's journeys--whether as friends, sisters, daughters, mothers, and wives. To celebrate, I'm giving away a signed copy of my new release, IF YOU MUST KNOW, a sisters story in which oil-and-water sisters not...

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Coping with Covid-19

For many of us, Covid-19 is one of the most extreme and concerning things we've faced in our lifetime. Even those of us who are healthy and financially secure are facing the ill-effects of isolation and the stress caused by uncertainty. For those who don't subscribe to my newsletter, I'm...

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Attention Bloggers and Book Reviewers!

Just a quick note to let folks know that advance review copies of my summer release, IF YOU MUST KNOW, are now available on NetGalley! This book is special to me because it’s my first foray into writing mainstream fiction. When I decided to pivot away from romance, my goal was to craft something...

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Sneak Peek for Subscribers!

Friends, I'm super-excited about my next release, IF YOU MUST KNOW. It's a tale of two sisters that involves a little mystery, a little romance, a medium, and a dog! In other words, it's engaging and entertaining---a perfect escapist story for the beach. If you want a peek at the first chapter...

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#pinkspines campaign

As you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. What you might not know is that the heroine in my September release, THE WONDER OF NOW, is a breast cancer survivor. As such, I've joined forces with BookSparks to raise money for The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and to surprise a few...

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Some “backstory” on my new release!

Although I originally wrote this post for a release-week blog tour set up by my publisher, I think it deserves to be posted on my own blog, too--so enjoy! Throughout my career, I’ve loved the challenge of redeeming a character that might be hard to like, much less love. In Peyton, I took on a...

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Something New!

To this point in my career, I've been what's known as a traditionally published author. This means I secured a literary agent (a super one, at that!) and then she secured publishing contracts for my work. Each book has gone through my publisher's editorial team. Each cover has been designed by an...

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What excites me… trying to come up with new twists on favorite romance tropes so the reader isn't getting a story he or she feels like they've already read a dozen times before. Today is the launch of my new series, the Sanctuary Sound novels. This series revolves around three women who reconnect in their...

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