Coping with Covid-19

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For many of us, Covid-19 is one of the most extreme and concerning things we’ve faced in our lifetime. Even those of us who are healthy and financially secure are facing the ill-effects of isolation and the stress caused by uncertainty. For those who don’t subscribe to my newsletter, I’m reiterating some of my ideas for making the most of your time at home:

  1. Food Scarcity/Struggles. I realize not everyone can relax right now. Some are worried about basics like food. Check out this Food Lifeline Service for help.
  2. Childcare Needs When You Can’t Work From Home.  If your kids are home from school now but you must still go to work, here is a link to tell you all your employment rights during Covid-19 restrictions.
  3. Reading. If you are at home all day and night, now is the time to tackle your “To Be Read” pile (or add to it). To help, I’ve got a bunch of books on sale this month (see photo above).
  4. Learn a language or hobby. There are no shortage of “lessons” on YouTube, so pick something you’ve always wanted to learn (drawing, knitting, a new language) and get cracking. Who knows what you might accomplish in two or more weeks!
  5. NetFlix. I love dark TV shows, Jason Bateman, and Laura Linney, so I’m thrilled that Season 3 of Ozark begins on March 27th. Until then, there are so many great series and documentaries on NetFlix (the husband and I are watching the McMillions documentary now–about the big swindle in the McDonald’s Monopoly game).
  6. Cookbooks. Now is a great time to dust off the old cookbooks and take your time preparing new and creative recipes. If your kids are old enough to help, get them involved and teach them an invaluable skill.
  7. Spring Cleaning! This is what my mom is doing. I’m not quite motivated yet, but who knows what I might do in a week.
  8. Adult Coloring. Order some awesome coloring books and crayons or pencils from Amazon and enjoy this meditative activity, which is sure to help reduce your anxiety.
  9. Pull out the games. Boggle, Scrabble, Apples-to-Apples, or poker, anyone? After dinner, gather the family around and play some of your favorites. Bonus: It gets everyone off their screens!

We’ve also found using Facetime (or Skype or Zoom) so you can see your friends when you talk to them is helping a lot. Good luck staying sane and healthy!


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