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To this point in my career, I’ve been what’s known as a traditionally published author. This means I secured a literary agent (a super one, at that!) and then she secured publishing contracts for my work. Each book has gone through my publisher’s editorial team. Each cover has been designed by an art department. Publicity and marketing plans have been arranged by teams of experts. I’ve liked that. I work well with a team and am very comfortable having many sets of eyes on my projects.

However, I’ve also been curious about the other side of the business–the self-publishing side. Those folks have complete control over everything from the content to the cover to the marketing of their books. I didn’t have the courage to try it on my own, but when my Fiction From the Heart author-pals asked if I wanted to contribute to a self-published anthology, I found my chance!

And, ta-da, one year later we have ONCE UPON A WEDDING (a Fiction From the Heart anthology of second-chance wedding-themed novellas). I’m super excited to share this with my readers starting JUNE 11th. You should recognize many of the names of contributing authors (in alphabetical order: Tracy Brogan, Sonali Dev, K.M. Jackson, Donna Kauffman, Sally Kilpatrick, Falguni Kothari, Priscilla Oliveras, Hope Ramsay, Barbara Samuel, and Liz Talley). I adore each of these ladies and can wholeheartedly recommend each of their novellas (and other work). And here’s the BONUS: for a limited time, the entire anthology is only $.99! (There is a print version that is more, but for nearly 800 pages, we had to price it high enough to cover our costs).

It’s available on Kindle, iBooks, Nook, and KOBO, so I hope you’ll pick it up this week.



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