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Hi, y’all…Katherine here.  I know it’s been some time since my last blog post.  Kids, work, the holidays and all the other “stuff” that comes with raising a family has set me back.   Since my last visit, I’ve also been enjoying football season.  With the Super Bowl just around the corner, comes the sadness that football will be gone from my life until August.  For a Texas girl, that is just plain sad.

Football in the South is a ritual for women.  We love to get lots of food ready, put the beer on ice, and turn on ESPN Game Day. It’s not unusual for us to drink a few throughout this process.  After all, it is allowed on game day.  Isn’t it?  Out come the jerseys and any memorabilia that we have.  It’s most fun when the man of the house likes a different team!  Luckily, they don’t allow you to get a divorce on these grounds.

The atmosphere is one of fun and competition – even the kids get in on it.  It’s the one day when we moms can act crazy, have a few, and curse like a sailor.  So, I thought it only appropriate to share  one of my favorite football party beverages so you can serve it at your game day party!

The Micheladaimages-3

Combine the juice with 1 teaspoon of Worcerstershire sauce and 2 or 3 shakes of Tabasco sauce in a salt-rimmed glass.  Fill with ice then add chilled beer (I love mine with Corona or Tecate) and stir.

To give your beer some team spirit, I loved this idea from The Food Network Magazine.  Serve your Michelada with salt rims in your team’s colors.  Mix ¼ cup kosher salt with a little gel food coloring and spread salt on a plate.  Then dampen the rim of a glass with a lime wedge and dip it in the salt before filling.

Yummy!  And in case you were wondering, I’ll be rooting for Peyton Manning.  This die-hard Cowboy fan once again finds herself on the sidelines for another Super Bowl.


PS   Jamie here, weighing in.  As a born and raised Steelers fan, it’s safe to say Katherine and I are usually on opposite sides of the field…but in this game we agree.  Go Broncos!

Photo Credit:  Michael Kraus/Saveur Magazine

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