Win 35 Romantic Women’s Fiction Books and an Ereader!

I see it's been a while since I've posted anything. Suffice to say, it's been a crazy few months. I've got three books coming out this year, so I'm caught in an endless stream of deadlines, workshops, and RWA board obligations while trying to raise two teens! I hope...

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Starting the New Year with a Goodreads Giveaway!

I've been away from the blog since Thanksgiving. It's been a very busy holiday season here at the Beck house. We got ourselves a new puppy--Big Mo--whose been taking up a lot of my time. He's a "Zuchon" (part Shih Tzu, part Bichon Frise) and adorable! We also enjoyed...

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Not Now, I’m Busy!

Do you, like me, find yourself barking the words of this post title too often? This month I've told myself I had good reason. During the past three weeks, I've traveled to Pittsburgh to visit family, been to Denver on Romance Writers of America board business (where I...

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Release Day!

Good morning! I'm excited about the release of my first-ever novella, Joyfully His! For those who've read the Sterling Canyon series, this is Andy's book. I hadn't originally planned to write a story for Andy, but after watching him grow throughout the series--and at...

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A Virtual Reader Community

I'm so excited to be part of a new Facebook group with ten fabulous authors, all of whom write emotional stories of love, family, and friendship. Fiction From The Heart is a vibrant and supportive community for readers who want to discuss books, life, and love....

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How Publishing is like Parenting

My mother visited this past weekend. She's come regularly since my first child's birth, providing much-needed help when my kids were young, and welcome company now. Despite living in another state, she’s here often enough to witness my parenting highs and lows. This...

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5 Tips to Renew the Spirit

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that, at this point in my life, I’m rather depleted--of energy, optimism, and creativity. Why? For the same reasons you are. Too many commitments. Too many horror stories on the news. Too many things I can’t control that, nonetheless,...

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Read-A-Romance Month

It's back, and once again, I'm thrilled to contribute to the month-long celebration of romance literature. Read-A-Romance Month is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the authors who write in this genre and the motivation behind their work. This year we were...

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Book Birthday!

I remember meeting with my editor about the Cabot novels back in 2016. His enthusiasm for the project matched my excitement, which made me eager to get started on BEFORE I KNEW. Fast-forward to today. As I write this short post, I've got the manuscript for the third...

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My Tribe!

I just returned home from a five-day long Romance Writers of America conference in Orlando. It's quite shocking, frankly, as I was convinced I would melt in that heat. The trip confirmed, once again, that I could never retire to the Deep South! As always, I learned...

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