I’m in love with the cover of my next release, THE HAPPY ACCIDENTS. Not only do I think it’s gorgeous, but it also captures the tone of this friendship story, in which three women wake up to the consequences of one impulsive pact and end up discovering new things about friendship, love, and fulfillment.

I’ve taken many trips with my gal pals throughout the years. Each time, I return home with more self-awareness and a sense of deepened friendship (although thankfully we’ve avoided the harsh consequences that Jessie, Liz, and Chloe must confront in this story). I hope that readers will relate to one if not all three of the women in this story while the friends are forced to live more authentic lives. I think that is something we are all striving for every day. When you find the secret, please share it with us all!

You can read the blurb right here for more details:

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Thanks so much!


Jamie B