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by | Sep 12, 2014 | CTRWA, education, inspiration, love, writing

When we hear the word love, we first think of relationships.  I suppose that makes sense, because the desire to love and be loved is as instinctive as the desire for food and air.  But your life can be filled with other kinds of love, too.  A love of art or music, for example.  And for many, a love of learning plays an important role in their well-being and happiness.

I’m one of them–of those who are energized by learning.  I’m not just talking about the formal education I received while pursuing my law and M.B.A. degrees, either.  I love to learn about people, places, and events (large and small).  I love to engage with others, preferably in an intimate setting, and debate six sides of the same argument.  And I love to learn more about the craft of writing from writers who are ahead of me on the learning curve.1912220_608544732590373_2952381615024029599_n

I’m eagerly anticipating a master class workshop being hosted by my Connecticut Romance Writers of America chapter this weekend, featuring best-selling author Cherry Adair.  I’m sure I’ll be inspired, personally and professionally, by the end of the weekend.  I’m also excited to contribute to the fundraising effort this year by putting together a basket of goodies for the silent auction.  I’m thinking I’ll giveaway one of these on my blog when my book releases, too.

I hope you have plans for your weekend that will invigorate you and enrich your life.  Anyone care to share?



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