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Sunday Song time!

My Justin Timberlake infatuation is well-known among my close friends.  Love his voice, love dancing to his songs, LOVE his SNL skits, and even respect his foray into acting.  In fact, my crush is so out in the open, my husband gave in and took me to see the SexyBack tour when it came through Madison Square Garden.

When JT disappeared from the music scene for several years, I felt a little bereft!  So I was excited for the release of his newest album earlier this year.  I should have known to calibrate my expectations, though.  Totally NOT into the 80s vibe of first new release, Suit & Tie.  In fact, of all the songs on the The 20/20 Experience album, there were only two I was willing to purchase:  Mirrors and Blue Ocean Floor.

You may have heard Mirrors on the radio, but you may not be familiar with Blue Ocean Floor.  It is a very different kind of love song, having a bit of a meditative quality.  I really love listening to it at night, or when I want to daydream a little (whether about plotting something in my books, or simply letting my mind roam).  It actually would be nice to play when you’re spending a little private time with your best guy, too!

Take a quick look at the lyrics.  I think they speak to that “soul mate” ideal we’re taught to crave.  If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know I don’t subscribe to that idea in real life, but I still can appreciate the beauty and appeal of that special someone who somehow knows your every thought and feeling without any effort.

Blue Ocean Floor
Frequency’s so low
Heart on a string
A string that only plays solos
Rain made of echoes
Tidal wave rushing on and on
Under the water you scream so loud but the silence surrounds you
But I hear it loud and your fall in the deep and I’ll always find you
If my red eyes don’t see you anymore
And I can’t hear you through the white noise
Just send your heartbeat, I’ll go
To the blue ocean floor
Where they’ll find us no more
On that blue ocean floor
On that blue ocean floor
Shell made out of gold
Found on a beach
Picked up and you held so close
Rain washed out its glow
Heartbeat steady leads me down below
[First and Second Refrains]
Twenty thousand leagues away,
Catch up to you on the same day.
Travel at the speed of light,
Thinking the same thought at the same time.
Heart beats at a steady pace,
I’ll let the rhythm show me the way.
No one can find us here,
Fade out and disappear.
[First and Second Refrains Repeat]

Here’s a Youtube video you can play so you can hear the spa-like sound of the song.  Now, while I miss the kind of JT tunes I could dance around my kitchen listening too, I really like this song.  Hope you do too!

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