Dry Skin Cure-Alls From Katherine’s Beauty Crush Stash

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It’s Katherine again, eager to share my two winter beauty crushes before the cold season sweeps in and transforms your skin to elephant hide.  Thanks to the Avon Lady (a.k.a local mom who helps me carpool to hockey, and just happens to work for Avon), I’m armed and ready to defy the skin-destroying mix of freezing, wet outdoor weather and dry, furnace-blasted indoor air.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you might remember when I highly recommended Vaseline’s Spray & Go lotions in the spring/summer.  Typically I’d continue using that easy, convenient product without giving thought to the more pressing demands of my extremities during the winter months.  But this year I’ve been persuaded to keep my hands and feet softer and smoother even before the big chill begins thanks to my carpool buddy.IMG_2741

Foot Works Healthy Feet lotion will enable you to survive the cold and show off your fall nail polish (when you travel to warmer climates) with softer, smoother feet.  I gave this little gem a go back in August and have already seen the benefit.  No cracked heels – only baby smooth skin.  No need to wear socks at night or get your sheets greasy.  This lotion goes on smoothly and dries quickly.  A winner in my book!

And let’s not forget our hands.  Moisture Therapy Intensive healing and repair hand lotion is a fragrance-free way to moisturize extremely dry skin.  I work with children at a local elementary school, so I’m washing my hands all day long.  Since I started using this lotion a few weeks ago, my hands softer and my cuticles look great—bonus!

These are two products I will definitely keep on the bedside table this winter.

What are your favorite winter beauty crushes?


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