Get your mind out of the gutter. I’m not suggesting anything untoward! This is really more of a poll than a post.

Let me start off by noting that, in my youth, I put energy into creating romance on Valentine’s Day.  Sometimes of the serious type, sometimes the silly. I bought the cards (usually several). I baked heart-shaped cakes and left them in apartments as a surprise. I bought gifts or planned special events. I dressed up in red silk lingerie, lit candles, and filled bubble baths. I did it all, and I enjoyed it. Looked forward to it, even!

And then I got married, had kids, and grew older. Now Valentine’s Day can feel like just another thing on my unending “to do” list, yet acknowledging that makes me truly sad.

But we’re busy people, and some of us just aren’t as creative as we used to be.  To make it easier for everyone to enjoy the holiday, I’m hoping to encourage you to share one of your favorite Valentine’s experiences in the comments.  Then we can all “borrow” from each other to create a “new to me” experience for ourselves and our significant others.

Sound like fun?  I’ve already listed a couple of my past deeds above, so it’s your turn to share one of your favorite Valentine’s memories with me. Don’t be shy!