A Twist on Resolutions

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It’s that time of year again, isn’t it?  I could dust off last year’s list of resolutions, but I fear that could be a bit depressing.  I have a habit of coming up with great ideas, but my follow-through isn’t as good.  Still, the pressure to reassess and improve taunts me.

Maybe it’s time for a twist on this whole New Year’s resolution thing.  Instead of making sweeping changes, I’m going to simply look at what’s working really well in my life and resolve to keep those things going.  Definitely seems more affirming than itemizing all the things I didn’t do so well and could improve.

So what went well?

Drawing boundaries, for one.  Instead of taking on everyone else’s burdens as my own, I’ve gotten better at knowing when to step out of a situation, especially when it’s really between third parties.  I’ve finally accepted the fact that I can’t fix things for anyone.  We all have to fix our own stuff!

Exercise.  I squeezed it in just under the wire in 2014, but I’ve gotten back into exercise thanks to my blog mate, Katherine’s, harassment!  I think this summer will be the first in two years when I’m not dreading putting on a bathing suit.  And maybe I’ll be able to do a few pull-ups by June, too.  Who knows?  Miracles do happen!

Junk Food.  Amazingly, I’ve cut out a lot of junk food in recent weeks, and I haven’t even missed it too much.  If you knew me well, that would shock you, because I’m a junk food junkie.  Although I haven’t seen a drop in weight as a result, I do feel better about myself for having some self-control, so that’s a great benefit.

TV.  I admit it.  I love nighttime TV dramas like The Good Wife, Stalker, Nashville, and a variety of others.  My husband teases me because he doesn’t like these shows (then again, he’s a fan of Tosh 2.0, so what does he know about good TV?), but I feel NO guilt indulging my TV habit.  I love my DVR and will continue to worship it in 2015!

Flexibility.  I’m a fairly rigid person, and strongly prefer plans and order.  I don’t deal well with chaos.  But with a teenager and pre-teen in the house, I’ve been working on being a little more flexible with their last minute requests and changes in plans.  It’s a balancing act, to be sure, but I think my kids appreciate my effort and feel their complaints have been heard.

How about you?  Share something that you resolve to keep doing in 2015.



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