Part of me wishes I were writing a post about traveling to some exotic new destination or conquering a new physical challenge, but I’m not.  No ticket to Iceland, no backpack headed to Mount Kilimanjaro.  Just me and a box of books headed to Book Expo America on May 29th for a book signing at the Romance Writers of America booth.19912283_s

Despite living nearby, I’ve never been to the Javits Center in NYC. I’ve also never done a formal book signing anywhere, let alone at the biggest publishing industry event of the year. I’m sure I’ll be overwhelmed.  I’ll probably also feel quite like a poser amid the many major authors, booksellers, and other more experienced professionals milling about.

Yet, those sporadic, nervous tingles of anticipation in my belly are exhilarating!

It may be trite, but there is something to be said for pushing yourself outside your comfort zone. The promise of possibility shimmers, making one feel young and enthusiastic. So whether you are considering trying a a new hobby, going on a first date, or even in mastering some complicated recipe, don’t let fear of the unknown hold you back.

Care to share some secret “first” you are dying to try?