Mother’s Day…Still A Daughter

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A son is a son ’til he marries his wife, a daughter’s a daughter for the rest of her life.  

I don’t know where that saying originated, by it’s something my parents repeated often throughout the years. When I survey my close friends about which of their siblings tend to “check in” and devote time to their parents, it does skew toward the women. Of course, there are some exceptions, but it seems evident that there is a little truth behind this little nugget of wisdom.

Mom and me

Mom and me

Why am I talking about this, and what on earth does it have to do with Mother’s Day? I suppose  because, as Mother’s Day approaches, I realize I still view this holiday from a “daughter’s” perspective instead of celebrating my own motherhood. Part of that may be because I don’t generally like being the center of attention, and the other part could be that I’ve been a daughter for nearly forty-eight years but a mother for only fourteen. Either way, Mother’s Day, for me, is still very much about my mother.

She’s coming to visit, so I’m trying to plan something special (assuming I can squeeze it in between her estimated arrival time and my daughter’s soccer game, naturally). Those who know me well, know my mom has been a generous, loving, selfless person her entire life. She spoiled me (rotten, possibly) and is still my best friend. Just ask my husband, who can’t understand what we spend an hour rehashing every morning over tea.  I always say that, if I can be half the mother to my kids that she has been to me, then my kids are very lucky.

What about you?  Are you a mother?  If so, do you view this holiday like I do?

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you!


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