Katherine’s 12 Months of Beauty–May/June

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Katherine’s back with her on-going series, testing out the top-rated beauty products for you:

Wow…I blinked and somehow missed my May beauty product review. Sorry about that peeps!

Let’s get right to business on the product review:

Garnier Ulta-Lift Miracle Sleeping Cream is the product that uses essential oil, plant extracts, and Adenosine, to regenerate your skin’s surface layer while you sleep.Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 11.14.08 AM

So what did I notice?

  • The scent is delightful- -lavender oil, and who doesn’t love that?
  • The cream was thick and lush, but absorbs quickly.
  • My skin did feel more smooth and hydrated.

Overall, I  liked the cream but felt it was a little heavy for my skin in the spring/summer. I think this is a better winter cream for my complexion. I was relieved that my easy-to-break-out skin didn’t react badly to this cream. When I did a little more research, I discovered that one of the key active ingredients is LHA, which is similar to a salicylic acid to fight bacteria and boost radiance. This is good news for anyone that has acne-prone skin.

Bonus: A few fine lines around the eyes didn’t stand out quite as much while using the cream.

I will buy it again and use it in the winter. Will you give it a try?

Coming up for July

Every weekend this summer I’ll be hanging out in the sun on the lacrosse field sidelines for 8-10 hours. My lips are already feeling very abused (so, so dry). I’m going to give the Best Lip Balm award, ChapStick Total Hydration 100% Natural, a shot.  Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 1.22.29 PM

Along with the ChapStick, I’m going to use the Best Face Wipes, Simple Skincare Micellar Make-up Remover Wipes while traveling to all these lacrosse tournaments. These wipes are a disposable towelette that “promises” to take off everything from foundation to mascara with just a few swipes (hoping it removes the sweat from standing out in the heat all day, too.)Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 1.23.47 PM


Look for the review of these two products at the end of July!

Have you tried any of the products that I’ve reviewed this year? Would love to hear from you if you have!


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