A New Year Means New Books!

by | Jan 1, 2021 | author's notes, books, women's fiction

Happy new year to all!

Like most of you, I’m pleased to put 2020 behind us and move forward. I’m filled with hope and determination to show up each day with my A-game, and am excited about my current work-in-progress. That said, I’m equally excited about my 2021 releases.

For All She Knows comes out in late March and is a story about two mothers and friends who must face the consequences of their choices after a teen party goes awry. This tale is very dear to my heart as a mother of teens who are navigating the high school and college social scenes. During the time between my legal career and my writing career, I volunteered at a local public health non-profit that focused on children and parenting. I learned a lot about the prevalence of teen alcohol use, as well as the dangers to brain development and risks for future addiction that can spring from early alcohol abuse. In recent years, the stories of alcohol-related deaths on college campuses, as well as injuries at parent-sponsored teen parties, have also weighed on me.

In writing this tale, my goal was not to cast judgment on anyone’s parenting style, but rather to start a conversation about how and why we make certain choices, and whom and what we might want to consider when doing so. Most of all, I hope that Grace’s and Mimi’s journeys of discovery—with each other and within themselves—will resonate with you.

You can check out early reviews on Goodreads HERE!

My fall release is entitled The Happy Accidents. I don’t yet have a cover or back jacket copy to share, but it is about three friends who make a “just say yes” adventure pact on a girls’ weekend and wake up to deal with the fallout in each of their lives. This book is a bit lighter than my recent stories, so I hope you all enjoy the escape!

Stay healthy and safe, and keep reading!


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