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Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people – Eleanor Roosevelt.

Whenever I read a quote I like, my first reaction is usually slight envy because I lack the eloquence to succinctly articulate my own thoughts and feelings.  My second thought is that I’m grateful someone else did it for me!images-8

The first time I heard this quote was more than twenty years ago when a guy I dated in law school said it during a casual conversation.  Since he let me believe he coined it, I thought he was quite wise.  Over the years, ‘his’ remark would pop into my mind whenever I got caught up in too much gossip, or felt bored after one too many parenting discussions, and so on.  Not that I never enjoyed gossip, or didn’t obtain helpful tips from other mothers, but often I simply yearned for more.  My problem was I didn’t know how or where to find more.

At this point, you might be thinking, “Well, that’s because you don’t have a great mind, Jamie.”  While I can’t argue that point, I do think everyone is capable of some greatness.   And I believe discussing ideas doesn’t require that each one of them be great.  Rather, the potency is derived from the exchange of ideas and sharing of dreams.  Those discussions get our juices flowing, inspire creativity, and foster optimism.

That Trifecta of positive energy makes a day better and brighter.  Thus, by actively engaging in those kinds of conversations on a regular basis, anyone can improve the quality of his or her life and outlook.

Here are a few tricks I’ve been using to help myself reach for more:

  1. Put down the Us magazine (or the like), turn off the talk shows, and tune out the gossip;
  2. Make a call instead of texting or emailing – you’ll be amazed at what transpires during a quick ‘live’ conversation;
  3. Initiate more face-to-face outings with good, like-minded friends/family;
  4. Make a list of goals/hobbies and then discuss them with people who might be able to help you accomplish them;
  5. Ignore the “to do” list once in a while and daydream more often (about ways to spice up your family life); and
  6. Read books or watch documentaries about inspirational people and ideas.

As Katherine and I promised our readers, we are constantly looking for ways to enhance everyday life and make it more exciting, daring, and romantic.  I’ve shared a few ideas with you today.  Do you have any you’d like to share with me?



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