Sunday Love Songs
Getting Zen With JT

Sunday Song time! My Justin Timberlake infatuation is well-known among my close friends.  Love his voice, love dancing to his songs, LOVE his SNL skits, and even respect his foray into acting.  In fact, my crush is so out in the open, my husband gave in and took me to see the SexyBack tour when it...

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Sunday Song For The Melancholy

Any David Gray fans out there?  I’m a big one.  Not only do I really enjoy his somewhat raspy voice, but also I love his distinct, guitar-based melodies, and his thought-provoking lyrics.  Perhaps, most significantly, is the special fondness I feel because, when suffering through my first-born...

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Sunday Song for Moms

Happy Mother's Day!  Today I'm going to keep it short and sweet.  To me, Natalie Merchant's song, Kind and Generous, has always made me think of my own mother.  I'd always considered myself to be a fairly grateful kid, but I never really understood the magnitude of the love and sacrifice a mother...

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A Song For The Dreamers

Another lovely Sunday means another opportunity to listen to a great song here on the blog.  I’m looking out the window at another sunny spring day.  All of the trees on my street have exploded with pink and white flowers.   Nature’s signs of dormant life renewed are everywhere.  It “looks”...

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iTunes Giveaway Contest: All-Time Favorite Songs

4/30  UPDATE:  CONTEST WINNER!   Shelley7 just won the gift card.  Thanks to all for playing!!   Instead of posting a single song and talking about its lyrics and melody, I thought I’d pick my top ten favorite songs of all-time for this contest blog post. HA—I’d assigned myself an impossible...

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Song of Hope for Peace

This week we held our collective breath while watching the events unfolding in Boston.  Dismayed by the senseless violence (and the recent failure of our government to act in accordance with the majority of Americans’ opinions regarding background checks), friends and family members reiterated...

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Songs for Newtown/Sandy Hook

“This will be our answer to violence: to make music more intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before.” ~ Leonard Bernstein I’ll be traveling for most of the day tomorrow, so I’ve decided to post my weekly “Sunday Love Song” a day early.  Rather than posting another song about...

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Fun New “Crush” Song

Have you heard of the Swiss/German female pop duo called Boy yet?  I recently discovered them thanks to Sirius radio (can’t recall if it was Coffee House or Spectrum), and I’m interested to learn more. The name of the song I heard is Little Numbers.  Listening to this song transported me back to...

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