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Katherine’s 12 Months of Beauty–No. 3

I’M OBSESSED! I am one of those gals that loves to be pampered, but the reality is that my daily beauty rituals are whittled down to a super-speedy routine. Then I met this little product… Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer allowed me to pamper myself in seconds every time I stepped into my shower. My...

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Big Love in Utah

No, this isn't a post about the former HBO series, or Mormonism, or polygamy. This is a post about the benefits of extended family vacations. My immediate family takes two per year (one ski trip with my husband's family, and one beach trip with mine). I've just finished zipping up the last...

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Ask Me Anything Vlogs

I've been having fun answering reader questions in my "Ask Me Anything" vlog series. I post these on my YouTube channel and Facebook author page, but to the extent you don't follow those outlets, I've decided to post the first six here. Hope you find them a little bit interesting. Enjoy! On second...

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Katherine’s 12 Months of Beauty Products, No. 2

Happy New Year, Peeps! If you remember from my December post, I promised to spend 2016 testing the products that made the list for the People/Today Beauty Awards. I know it’s a hard job, but someone has to do it. 🙂 Here are my reviews for the first two products that I tried last month. Best...

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Daydream Believers

I'm prone to engaging in a fair amount of daydreaming. Sometimes I imagine I have a green thumb and that, when I open my front door, I'll step into a yard that resembles this one: Other times, I will stare out my window on a dreary day and pretend I'm bound for some exotic or breathtaking location...

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Temptation’s Silver Lining

Another new year, another round of resolutions. I'm not even going to list them because, if history predicts the future, chances are good that I won't keep them for more than about five months. *sighs* Temptation--to eat that sweet, to nap instead of hitting the gym, to watch TV instead of purging...

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The Romance of Research

Let’s go back to high school for a moment. Remember the dread that descended whenever you were assigned a major research project? Perhaps we differ, but I did not enjoy reading, categorizing, and analyzing the volumes of information those assignments required. Funny how things change with age! To...

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Six Ways to Enliven Thanksgiving

It's that time again, my favorite holiday of the year. No gifts, no jingles--just good food, friends, and family all together at a table. Of course, the holiday can be a lot of work (especially for the host), which can rob the day of some of its joy. Here are six ideas to put the fun and "thanks"...

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