Seven Fun Summer Date Ideas

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Summer is officially here, so I thought I’d suggest several fresh “summer date” ideas.  We’ve been cooped up indoors for months, settling for restaurants and crowded movie theaters to provide entertainment.  *insert yawn*  Time to head outdoors.

Here are seven dates you can’t do in the winter (unless you live in the Southwest):

  • Outdoor concert/music festival
  • Drive-In or Outdoor/park movie
  • Amusement Park/local fair
  • Water Sports (rent a kayak/canoe, waterski, sail)
  • Shope at a Garage/Flea Market or Farmer’s Market
  • Play Tourist
  • Evening Bike Ride/Picnic

Of these suggestions, my strong preference is the outdoor music scene, followed by kayaking.  Then again, I’m always up for a good roller coaster!  Of course, I also like the idea of “playing tourist,” especially because I’ve yet to experience so many amazing landmarks and neighborhoods in nearby New York City.

Some of these suggestions require more advance planning and effort than others, but get off your butt and do it.  Pull up the websites of your favorite musicians and check for tour dates.  Scan the local paper for unique fairs within twenty miles from your home.  Find something you’ve never done around your hometown that tourists might enjoy and give it a try.  Pick anything, just don’t let summer pass by without going on at least one of these dates…without the kids (assuming you have them)!!16850066_s

Of course, I’m writing this on the eve before our big trip to California and Hawaii, two places where I’m sure to experience some exceptional summer activities.  I’m most excited about our plans to take the Haleakala Sunrise Tour.  I only hope my bottom isn’t too sore after the 23 mile bike ride down the side of the volcano!

What’s your favorite summer activity?


Photo Credit:  Cheyl Valle

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