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Having just arrived home from a fabulous trip to Hawaii and Northern California, I’ve been downloading the photos and “revisiting” all of the gorgeous topography we enjoyed on our trip.  Natural settings such as those are infinitely more romantic than the suburban neighborhood streets I see everyday.  Then again, my little New England town is super-cute, complete with dual hanging baskets of flowers on every street post. IMG_2235

Clearly, God isn’t the only one who can create a backdrop for romance.  Cities can inspire passion too.  I suspect most people might list Paris and Venice as two of the most romantic cities in the world.  Granted, the combination of water and lights in those cities make them sparkle at night like few other places.  The twinkle mimics candlelight, which is what I suspect gives them the feeling that love is in the air.  Great food never hurts either (at least, not to me).

However, the United States is home to some romantic cities as well.  New Orleans springs to mind, with its waterway, the French Quarter, and all that jazz.  Many find New York City to be romantic, with carriage rides and live theater.  San Francisco is beautiful, thanks largely to its mountains, bridges and bay.  I’ve never been to Austin, Texas, but my Texan friends talk it up a lot, and make it sound like a great place for a couple to go have a good time.  Charleston, South Carolina also offers a slow, Southern romantic charm.

But there are so many states and cities I’ve never visited.  I’m sure there are many small towns and cities that rival the ones I’ve named.  So tell me, what’s your favorite “homegrown” romantic town or city, and why?


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