Road To Hana

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We arrived home late last night from our day long trek along the road to Hana.  Today we have other activities planned, which leaves me little to no time to write a nice post about the amazing things we saw on our journey yesterday.

Therefore, I’m settling for a “photo journal” of the highlights of the long trip.  The road had more than 600 turns and 59 single lane bridges.  Parts were unpaved.  My photos DO NOT capture the true magnificence or scale of these sights.  Note to self: buy a wide-angle lens!

That said, this will give you a flavor for the beauty of this place.  If you can’t find some romance here, then you are doing something terribly wrong.

The official “Hana Highway” begins in Paia:

The rest of these photos will appear in the order we came upon them along the drive.  Enjoy!

Painted bark of the Eucalyptus Tree:

DSC_0002  Garden of Eden:


Black Sand beaches (and thrill seeking swimmers jumping off rocks):



DSC_0046DSC_0057DSC_0037  DSC_0060

For some reason I can’t get my cursor to work, so after the Black Sand beach, we saw Wailua falls, O’heo Gulch falls and natural pools, a bit of coast, and the backside of the Haleakala Volcano.

I wish these photos were better, but it gives you a feel for the trip.


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