Thoughts on mascara…               

If you could only apply one makeup item to your face in the morning, what would it be?  Some say foundation or powder to help uneven skin tone.  Others (like my mom) say lipstick, to give their mouth a touch of color before heading out the door.  For me, the answer is easy…mascara.  Adding a little bit of mascara in the morning can drastically change your appearance from looking “sleepy” to “awake” in mere seconds.  photo(1)

Over the years I’ve tried many brands.  Recently, I tried (and tossed) one from Benefit because, no matter how hard I tried to take off at night, it would still appear under my eyes the next morning – YUCK!   I’m still a fan of the tried and true Maybelline Greatlash in black.  This is probably the very first mascara I ever owned.   When I buy it for my teenage daughter now, the pink tube brings back memories of high school pep rallies and school dances…and makes me smile.

But I do have a favorite for myself, one I’ve used for the past five years.  It’s called Blinc and I LOVE it.  Its website states that, instead of painting your lashes, Blinc forms “tubes” around them.  I’m not really sure what this means, but I do know it goes on easily, stays on all day — even if the tears are rolling down my face – AND, more importantly, it isn’t on my face the next morning!  If you’re in the market for some super flirty lashes, try Blinc.

Of course, I’m always open to trying new products, so if you have a favorite mascara you’d recommend, let us know!