Have you ever heard of an “inspiration group”?  I hadn’t until my friend’s neighbor invited her to join one.  So, what exactly is an inspiration group?  Well, it functions similarly to a book group, except there are no books! images-3

There are twelve women in the group and they meet once per month.  Every year, each member takes a turn hosting.  As hostess, she picks and plans the topic of the evening.  For example, one hostess brought in an acting teacher and the women all learned to do improvisation.  Another hostess brought in a guest who worked with each lady to identify her ‘colors’ (for fashion and make-up).  They’ve done cake decorating, private museum tours, organic gardening, local philanthropy, flower arranging, and so on.

Sound fun?  It does to me.  My friend said one element of success is that the women aren’t each other’s BFFs, so the evening doesn’t devolve into discussing boyfriend/marital woes, child rearing issues, and so on.

If you’re looking for inspiration, maybe you could talk to some work colleagues, carpool friends, or other women you’d like to know better, and form your own inspiration group.  If I were to host an event, I’d like to bring in a singer-songwriter to teach the group the basics of songwriting.  If you were host, what would you do?

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