Lingerie: For Him or For You?

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If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?

I read this anonymous quote and, after I snickered, it made me think about the impact of lingerie.  When I was young, I’d occasionally sneak a peek at the stuff in my mom’s drawers, or the Frederick’s of Hollywood catalogue stashed somewhere in the house.  Today we see it everywhere – magazines, television, and shopping malls.  Victoria’s Secret even hosts an annual prime time “Angels” show with rock stars and scantily clad girls. 484813841lise-charmel-recital-bleu-demi-bra-230

The message of most of these promotions is “Buy This to Turn Him On,” but actually I buy it to make myself feel sexy.  That’s right, I buy it for myself.

I’m not a long-limbed bombshell by any stretch of the imagination, but wearing a frilly set of bra and panties beneath my clothes makes me feel feminine and peppier than when I wear plain cotton.   It’s kind of crazy, because no one will see it except my husband and me, but pretty lingerie definitely boosts my mood all day.

Perhaps, as liberated as we women are these days, some part of our amygdulas and/or hypothalamus still needs us to play out a traditional gender role.  Or maybe what makes it special is simply the “secret” that, hidden underneath my yoga pants and sweatshirt, is a set of fire-engine red lace undies.  I don’t know, and I really don’t care.  At my age, anything that makes me feel vital and sensual is good, regardless of the reason.  If it turns him on too, well that’s an added benefit.

Another benefit?  Feeling sexy all day puts me in a mood for romance…and since it’s Friday, I think I’ll go change out of these pajamas and into something a little more exciting.  Better yet, maybe I’ll go buy something new.  Any suggestions?


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