Letting The Spirit Take The Lead

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Your own words are the bricks and mortar of the dreams you want to realize. Your words are the greatest power you have. The words you choose and their use establish the life you experience. – Sonia Choquette.

Many people who know me will laugh at the fact that I’m writing a blog post about the spirit and intuition.  After all, my father-in-law dubbed me “All Business” for a reason – I favor efficiency and non-emotional responses to daily life stressors.  But I’ve always had a very rich “inner life.”  I’ve simply kept my musings private.

Today, however, I’m going to share my thoughts about an interview of Sonia Choquette (Ph.D. in metaphysics) I watched.  If you read her credentials, she sounds a little whacky (psychic, vibrations expert, etc.).  However, if you listen to her speak, she’s fairly inspiring. images-1

By way of brief background, Ms. Choquette’s mother was a WWII survivor who’d been separated from her family and ended up in a work camp where she then lost her hearing.  She was rescued by American soldiers at the age of fifteen (one of whom she married), and went on to have seven kids.  She taught her kids that she survived the war by choosing to listen to her inner voice instead of the voices around her.  Thus began Ms. Choquette’s education about intuition, visualization, and spirit.

She actually shuns the word “spirituality” as a mental construct, and prefers people approach life in terms of being “spirited” (let your spirit lead you/be authentic).  Ms. Choquette asserts that when people lose the light in their eyes and the smile in their heart, it is because they’ve lost their spirit.  The way to reclaim it is to actively remember and identify the things you love about living: hot tea in the morning, a walk in the woods, playing with your kids, reading a love story, and so on.  Make a list, engage in those activities, and repeat them to yourself at various times throughout each day, and you will call your spirit back.  Let those things guide your choices in life, too.  When you are engaged in something you love, you open up and let go of the left-brain.  Everything becomes “thoughtless” and natural…and therein is peace.

A big roadblock to happiness is pain.  Ms. Choquette suggests that pain comes from the ego, not the spirit.  The ego judges something as a failure or rejection, so you experience pain.  To reframe it from a spirit perspective, disengage your ego and think “what did I learn from this experience,” and then it won’t feel as painful.  It is simply a lesson, nothing more or less.  She also claims that this aids in forgiveness, because you learn to accept an incident for what happened without attaching more significance than necessary.

Many people don’t know how to tap into the spirited side of themselves.  Ms. Choquette offers a few simple steps:

  1. Consider intuition a natural part of your being/brain;
  2. Expect it to work (just as you expect your ears to hear or eyes to see); and
  3. Name it and claim it (speak about the vibes/gut feelings, etc.) in a positive way (don’t say “this weird thing happened”…say “this amazing thing happened”).

By actively taking these steps, your openness will create a vacuum to pull in this sixth sense.  She likens it to looking at the stars.  At first you notice a few, but the longer you search, the more the sky starts to explode with lights.  The Milky Way is always there…you didn’t “create” those additional stars, you simply paid attention and noticed them.

She has written a number of books (none of which I’ve read), in case you are interested in reading more.  Again, I don’t advocate permanently shelving your left-brain, but I do promote the idea of listening to your intuition, opening yourself up to the possibility of things in existence despite not being able to see or touch them, and learning to separate the ego from the experience.  If you can sit through the opening credits with an open mind, I’d recommend watching a few minutes of the video interview I linked above.  She is rather delightful and uplifting.

In any case, I’m going to approach my weekend with a spirited outlook!  How about you?




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