iTunes Giveaway Contest: All-Time Favorite Songs

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4/30  UPDATE:  CONTEST WINNER!   Shelley7 just won the gift card.  Thanks to all for playing!!


Instead of posting a single song and talking about its lyrics and melody, I thought I’d pick my top ten favorite songs of all-time for this contest blog post.68502_363500590428123_1983913506_n

HA—I’d assigned myself an impossible task!  I think my husband and I have close to 6,000 songs in our iTunes library, and I’m very fond of at least half of them!  Some of my favorite performers and bands did not even make this expanded list.  I had to cut it off somewhere.  Anyway, I’ve decided to classify the songs into categories to explain why I picked them.

So here goes (song title first, artist second):

About Life:

Fragile           Sting
100 Years      Five For Fighting
Watershed     Indigo Girls

About Sadness After Goodbye:

Photographs & Memories    Jim Croce
Gravity                                   Sarah Bareilles
Breakeven                             The Script
Always On Your Side           Sheryl Crow
You & I Both                         Jason Mraz

About Starting Over:

A Thousand Beautiful Things   Annie Lennox
Fix You                                        Coldplay

About Saying Goodbye:

Nothing Lasts Forever          Maroon 5

About Being In Love:

The Luckiest          Ben Folds
Falling In                Lifehouse
Feels Like Home   Edwina Hayes
Amazing                  One Eskimo

About Unhealthy Relationship:

This Is How You Remind Me  Nickleback

About A Crush:

Goodnight & Go         Imogean Heap
Possession                  Sarah McLaughlan
Fascination                Everything But The Girl
Closer                          Ne-Yo
Let It Be Me               Ray LeMontagne* (this might really be more about love)

About/For Celebration:

Club Can’t Even Handle Me     Flo Rida
Beautiful Day                              U2

Dance/Blare in Car:

SexyBack        Justin Timberlake

From Parent To Child:

Lulluby           Billy Joel


Anything George Winston or Ennio Morricone
How’d I do?  Anyone share any of my favorites?  For those of you who know me well, you know my favorites will have a lot to do with the lyrics (in most categories, anyway).  If you are unfamiliar with any of these songs, I’d highly recommend sampling them.

Okay, now for the part you really care about…THE CONTEST!


To enter the drawing for the iTunes card giveaway, please leave a reply to this post  (see “Leave a Reply” at top of post) telling me two of your favorite songs.  YOU MUST REPLY ON THIS BLOG (not via email if you are a subscriber, and not on FB), otherwise the contest widget can’t pick up your name when it is making its random selection.

The contest will remain open until 5 p.m. Tuesday, April 30th, and I will post the winner on the blog and arrange to send them the gift card.

Good luck.  Can’t wait to hear what you have to share!

xo- Jamie

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