Today is a two-fer…

Unlike other weeks, these songs aren’t selected because of their lyrics, or a tie-in to a book, or any  reason other than they are the songs my daughter performed in her Spring voice recital Saturday night.

I just love watching the 30 or so voice students take the stage and belt out the songs they’ve been working on throughout the semester.  Some choose very theatrical pieces, and go on to act and sing their way through them with much flair.  Others, like my daughter, prefer pop songs.  It’s always a wonderful two-hour event, and the audience bursts into applause and cheers at the end of each piece, at which point the looks on the kids’ faces are absolutely heartwarming.  I just love it.

So, here’s a sample for you to enjoy on Father’s Day before you go an celebrate your father, husband, and any other men in your life who are great dads!

First up, Kayla (in stripes) and Sadie covering Girl Put Your Records On:

Next, Kayla singing Jackson 5’s I Want You Back

What’s the thing you most enjoy watching your child do?

Have a great week!!