Facing Defeat

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Whether or not you were cheering for Denver or Seattle, at some point during last night’s Super Bowl game, you probably became uncomfortable watching the Seahawks trounce the Broncos.  14009598_s

You don’t have to play football to suffer a loss – even a humbling loss – that makes you capable of having empathy for others facing defeat.  Divorce or messy break-ups, lay-offs, editorial rejection (yeah, that stings): all of these experiences teach us lessons about life and ourselves.  And while none of us enjoys a crisis, each one provides an opportunity for growth and learning, and a chance to test our character.

Am I as strong, resilient, and filled with integrity as I think I am?  If not, might I become the person I want to be rather than the person I am?  And most importantly, will I keep trying despite the loss?

Since an early age, I’ve been a sort of mediator in my family and with friends.  For whatever reason, I have an uncanny ability to detach emotionally, analyze situations, and offer encouragement and solutions to help others get back on track.  But it is harder to do that for myself, and sometimes, when nothing seems to be going smoothly, I feel a strong urge to curl up under the covers and sleep until it blows over.

Then I see someone like Peyton Manning fail in a spectacularly public way and, despite the cameras, the disappointment, and the feeling of letting down his team, he maintains his poise while admitting to the “bitter pill” he has to swallow.  It can’t be easy to do that with the paparazzi in your face.  If he can do that, surely I can pick myself up, brush myself off, and “try, try again.”

And so, on this snowy Monday morning in February, I’m parking my butt in my chair and writing with the hope that, some day, I will enjoy the fruits of my labor, and all the bumps along the way will have only made me better and stronger.

What strategies do you use to handle a blow and keep going?


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