CONTEST GIVEAWAY: Break Free From the Winter Doldrums with Flavrz

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Nothing is less romantic than endless gray skies.  March is the hardest month of the year, especially for a Texan craving sunshine.  Rather than get depressed about the five long weeks until spring break, or the fact I’m in no condition to be sitting on any beach anyway, I looked for something to lift my mood.IMG_2050

Bingo!  I discovered a fun new drink that also curbs the calories.  Flavrz Drink Mixes can be added to plain or seltzer water to create a cool, healthy beverage alternative.  The all-natural mixes are made from organic fruits.  For those of you with a sweet tooth and a taste for soda (or, as we say down South, coke), they also offer mixes to flavor your colas.

Local resident and owner, Valli Stavros-Baker, sent me a few samples, so my tween son, teenaged daughter, and I held a taste-test of three of Flavrz mixes:

Fruit Punch Energy drink;
Citrus Hibiscus Immunity drink; and
Superfruit Sports drink.

Great names and cute packing, what’s not to like?

Our favorite was the Citrus Hibiscus Immunity drink.  Without the chemicals and high sugar content of other fruit drinks, I’ll be swimsuit fit in no time!  I can’t wait to try the Cola soda mix with a splash of Cherry Berry in it.

I liked it so much I’ve decided to give away a few products to some of our lucky readers!

CONTEST RULES:  To be eligible to win a twelve-pack of drink mixes (Boost, Energize, and Revive) you must leave a reply via the reply link at the top of the post in answer to this question:  What is your favorite way to break free from the winter doldrums?  We’ll leave the contest open until Wednesday at 5 p.m.  At the end of the contest period, one lucky winner will be randomly selected from the comments.

In the meantime, support women in business and check out Flavrz website for more information.


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