St. Patty’s Day is the release date for my sophomore novel, Worth the Wait.

Beck-WorththeWait-19274-CV-FT-V7_miniI adore everything about this story:  the setting (Block Island), the heroine (Vivi, who maintains a sunny outlook despite a heartbreaking childhood), the hero (David, an introvert who’s brooding over a damaging secret he’s being forced to keep), the unrequited love/friends-to-lovers tropes, and the overarching theme of the power of forgiveness.

As with In the Cards, I’m donating 25% my early sales proceeds to New Canaan CARES, so if you buy the book this week, you’ll also be supporting free programming for children and parents.

If you’re curious to see how I envision David, Vivi, and the rest of the characters and other things in the story, check out my Pinterest Board for this novel.

If you haven’t signed up to attend the Lucky in Love Facebook Launch Party, with lots of guest authors and giveaways, including the Kindle grand prize, do it now!  It’ll be fun, I promise!