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Turns out I’ve got to change the format of my Sunday Song posts.  I’d mistakenly believed that, by offering a critique/review of the lyrics, I could legally post them without violating copyright laws (under the Fair Use exemption).  Apparently I was wrong.  Although I’ve not been fined for what I’ve already done, I don’t want to knowingly violate anyone’s rights.

After some research, I’ve learned I may legally embed Vevo videos, and Fair Use should enable me to post an excerpt from lyrics.

The song I’ve selected this week is Billy Joel’s And So It Goes.  The lovely melody perfectly suits the lyrics, which are heartfelt and poetic – an exceptional love letter, if you will.  Of course, I wish I could post and dissect all of the words, but the first verse gives you a peek at the quality of the writing:

And So It Goes

In every heart there is a room
A sanctuary safe and strong
To heal the wounds from lovers past
Until a new one comes along 

The remaining verses are written in the first person point-of-view and ask the singer’s love interest not to misinterpret his quiet, cautious attitude as a lack of love, and state, despite past experience with heartbreak, he is willing to risk his heart again for this new love.  You can read the full lyrics here.

I love songs like this, which take a basic human experience and describe it with such compelling, beautiful language.  I strive to learn to say so much with so few, perfectly chosen words.  Obviously, I have a long way to go…

Now listen to the words paired with the piano (as only Joel can do):

Did you love that as much as I do?   I’m inspired to create a character from this song.  Hope you enjoyed it.  Have a great day!


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