Today is my sixteenth wedding anniversary, and I am packing for our trip to Italy. FullSizeRender(13)We were married in Rome, so it is fitting to be flying there tonight. I’m extremely excited to take our children on their first trip to “the Continent” (and to my favorite country outside of our own).

We are starting in Rome (with a side trip to Pompeii), and then going north to Venice, and ending our 12-day trip in Lake Como in the picturesque town of Bellagio.27919363_s

Of course, our kids are only twelve and fourteen, so I suspect they will not have the stamina to take in all the sights and guided tours available. Fortunately, they’ve both studied ancient Rome in Latin class, so they will likely be more versed in history than I am at this point.

I confess, one of my favorite things to do in that country is eat! Pedestrian, I know. But I love pasta! When you next see me, I will be a few pounds heavier.  Hopefully all of the walking around Rome, Venice, and Bellagio will help burn off some of the extra calories.

39675254_sI think I most look forward to the few days we have planned on Lake Como. Isn’t it pretty?

I will be posting photos of our trip on my Facebook page, so if you care to follow our journey, check out the page.

Until July 9th, Bon Giorno!