Adding Romance to the Season

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At this time of year, in the face of twinkling lights and trees and ribbons, we all revert to little kids. Our hearts speed up whenever we hit upon that great gift idea, or plan a surprise for a loved one. Our spirit may soar at the sound of a favorite holiday song, whether it be a classic or something less traditional.

Prior to having kids, I had Hollywood-influenced romantic fancies about Christmas. From the decorations to fireside drinks to sexy lingerie, I planned everything to achieve that ideal. Then real life crashed in, and exhaustion and children took center stage. Romance? Bah humbug.

But now the kids are older, the frenzy less chaotic, and I think it is time to reintroduce a little of my own Christmas past into the present and future.

There are lots of little ways to create a romantic tone in your house at the holidays. Decorative candles certainly infuse an alluring atmosphere and aroma into any room (I love the candles that look like birch bark). Fancy table linens and holiday china, with ribbons and sparkly napkin rings, add a special touch, as do floral arrangements, garland, and ‘frosted’ fruit.  And, of course, there must be soft music.  The classics or jazz renditions of the same cast a warm buzz throughout a home.  So set the stage, send the kids out for an evening, and plan a private dinner for you and your spouse.


I also find that, if you take the time to wrap gifts with extra care, they feel more romantic.  My mother has always been the absolute best at this particular trick.  I have no idea how she turns multiple yards of fancy ribbons into beautiful bows, but she does (and I suspect she single-handedly keeps Michael’s in business!).  I’ll try to remember to snap a photo when her gifts arrive to prove this claim (how do you like that pressure, Mom?).

Finally, read some Christmas romances…those will surely get your blood pumping and put you in a certain mood!  Here’s a few suggestions from some of my author friends:  Jeannie Moon’s This Christmas,  Marian Lanouette and Gerri Broussard’s contributions to the Season of Magic Christmas anthology, or Sugar Jamison’s Have Yourself a Curvy Little Christmas.

So now that I’ve shared my tips, do you have any suggestions of how to amp up the romance at Christmas?


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