6 Spring Date Ideas

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Is it possible the polar vortex is finally leaving center stage?  Today in Connecticut, the sun shone brightly and the thermostat reached sixty-two degrees.   For everyone other than the die-hard skiers, the general sentiment in town seemed to be a resounding WAHOO!

Personally, I’m ready to store my wool sweaters and snow boots.  Ready to pull out bright spring fashions and cute shoes.  Ready for a little spring romance, too.  Aren’t you?images-4

For those who are looking to enjoy the better weather with their better half, try one or more of these Spring date ideas:

Local Art or Music Festival

These festivals offer a nice change of pace from everyday life, and often showcase interesting artists.  Stroll around, hand in hand, and take in the sights and sounds under the sun or stars.


How about combining physical and emotional health in one swoop?  Find a local rails-to-trails path, or perhaps a park, and get some exercise together.  Your heart will be pumping for more than one reason.

Local Winery

If you’re lucky, perhaps you live within an hour of a small winery.  Most of them are set on beautiful property, and have outdoor seating areas.  Sample wine, eat some savory snacks, and “drink in” the view.

Botanical Garden

This one isn’t for everyone, but gardeners may love it.  Those of us living in the Greater New York area certainly know the New York Botanical Gardens are spectacular, and often showcase special exhibits that are quite amazing.

Mini Golf

Go “old school” and find your inner child.  Mini golf is a fun, competitive way to spend an hour outside before or after you enjoy a nice meal.  You talk, you laugh, you toss your club (oh, maybe that’s just me).

Theme Park

For the adrenaline junkies who live near an amusement park, go for it.  Roller coasters, drop towers, or anything that spins me upside down will do.  I prefer going at night, when the colorful lights are glowing and the terrible music is blaring from every ride.  Makes me feel young again, and who doesn’t love that?

I’ve started you off, now do you have any ideas to share?


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