3 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

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It’s nine o’clock on a Sunday night. The rest of my family is already in bed. One’s asleep, one is doing extra credit (or, more likely, FaceTiming with her boyfriend), and my husband is reading. By ten, all of the lights in our house will be off except for the one in my office and the glow from my computer screen.35293371_s

Why? Because one thing you may not know about me is that I operate on very little sleep. Not by choice, mind you. Prior to having kids, I routinely got seven or eight solid hours of sleep per night. But throughout the past fifteen years, I’ve been lucky if I’ve averaged five per night. “They” say that creativity is enhanced when a person is a bit tired, and I know a lot of writers who do their best work at the midnight hour, so I’m trying to embrace my altered body clock as a perverted blessing.

33474389_lAnother thing you didn’t know about me? I’m afraid of heights. Didn’t used to be, though. I used to rock climb and rappel with relative ease. Giant Ferris wheel? No problem. I could look over the steep edge of a cliff without feeling pulled into the abyss, but no more. Now I can barely stomach watching my kids stand on the balcony of a high-rise apartment without physically feeling anxious and ill. Why? you might ask. I wish I knew. If you know of a cure, please share!

Finally, I have a horrible case of wanderlust. 5316460_sActually, it’s worse than merely wanting to travel. I actually fantasize about moving to new places all the time. If I didn’t have to worry about anyone but myself, I could envision moving about every two years. Some places I’d love to “try on” for a while: Aspen, Lake Tahoe, Sonoma, Vancouver, Chicago, Maine, England, Italy, and Spain. I hear Montreal is quite lovely, too, although I’ve never been. I’d also love to live in a variety of different types of homes: the condo, the log cabin, the quaint farmhouse, the Mediterranean villa, the English cottage. Of course, I doubt I’ll ever call any of these places home. Still, I love looking at photos and dreaming about what life is like in those settings. And as we readers know, the imagination is a fairly powerful escape, so that is where I’ll likely “live” most of the time.

So now, please tell me something quirky about yourself. Anything at all!




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