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January 5
Workshop for the Rhode Island Romance Writers
Cumberland Public Library (Hayden Center)
Cumberland, RI

February 11, 7 p.m.
Workshop for CAPASAW
From Manuscript to Publication
Shelton Public Library
Shelton, CT

April 27, 2:30 p.m. EST
Online Workshop for Western NYRWA
Deep POV: Eliminating Authorial Intrusion

May 15-19
Booklovers Con
Hyatt Regency Hotel
New Orleans, LA

June 8, 12-5 p.m.
Boas & Tiara’s
Hilton Garden Inn
Allen, TX

July 27 (Time TBA)
RWA Literacy Book Signing
Marriott Marquis

September 20-21
RARE London
Olympia London
Hammersmith Road

Jamie’s Writing Workshops

Jamie is available to travel to your writing association and give a one-hour workshop on the following topics:

Deep POV: Eliminating Authorial Intrusion
In this one-hour workshop, we will discuss things to consider when choosing the right POV, and practical tips for writing Deep POV.

Eliciting Emotion: Hook Your Readers’ Hearts
Learn how to grab your reader at the outset and keep them emotionally invested long after they finish the book.

Genre Blending: Hitting the Sweet Spot between Romance and Women’s Fiction
Books that straddle the fence between romance and women’s fiction are gaining popularity in the marketplace. This workshop will give you the tools needed to craft a blended story that editors will buy and readers will love.

Laying Down the Law: How Basic Legal Concepts Can Help You Plot and Enhance Conflict
Through brief lecture and hypotheticals, you will learn to use basic commercial and criminal law principles to create realistic plots and conflict for your romance and women’s fiction stories.